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Default My interior swap.....LeSabre built for comfort....

Someone (OCS) here ask about my seats in my Regal and I thought I would post this in the interchangeable section to let you know of a cheaper but better option. I scored these seats from a Pull-a-Part for $50 for the front and rears...I bought a grey set and a black set to install. I used SEM paint to dye paint the seats. If you use them out of a 91-93 LeSabre the front holes line up perfectly the back only one will line up and the other you will have to enlarge the hole some to get it to set flush. You can experiment with your present seat brackets to see if the will swap over to the new seats and bolt in......I ve seen that happen with other g-body seat swaps. If you want a bucket seat style seat up you have to use two passenger seats with a console or you can just use it as a bench seat. Here is some pics of the painting, console build, and the install of the seats....I added a new headliner and carpet also......

Check out these links to see the guy who inspired me to do this........ ... R?start=48 ... X?start=12
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thanks again!
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Nice...they look right at home in there!
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