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I agree with all on board here..........I was voicing my opinion is all and if I pissed anyone off, you will get over it..We're all adults here and we are G-Body guys and gals....That make us ALL great people....I enjoy this site, just sometimes get tired of the b/s....That being said, it's a free country and we can ALL post whatever the hell we want....... ( or whatever the MODS let us get away with)...........
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a week ago had a real bad day at work . went to some other sites didnt help my mood ,but when I logged on here some of the jokes and comments between members made me lmao I forgot how pissed off I was . so it may not be everyones cup of tea but some days it's all that you need...just my
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btw, if you think ALL my posts are bs, it's only cause you've never been to the parts interchange forum.

Every time you think, you weaken the nation!

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Originally Posted by WOODY31 View Post
its like tv or radio you can turn it off ya know

Wait, you can really turn off the internet? But, I'm keeping ebay in business...
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