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Default every once in awhile
you might find these threads useful, read thru this month HF has a battery minder trickle charger ON sale for $5, IF you have the correct coupon

now I get a ton of junk mail sales flyers every few days and every once in awhile I see something down at harbor freight advertized at a dirt cheap price and against better judgment occasionally I buy something, in a few cases IM impressed with the tools like the 12 ton jack stands,
(I bought 4 for $110 on sale) and after using them for about 15 years or more now, I don,t think theres a better deal to be had on decent jack stands (4 hold a corvette securely at the correct height for using a mechanics creeper )

These super heavy duty jack stands will hold most cars and trucks safely over 2 feet off the ground. Perfect for repair work or storage.

Height: 19-1/2'' to 30-1/8''
Base: 12'' x 12-1/2''

Shipping Weight: 69.50 lbs.

but about a year ago I found my FLUKE digital multi meter was missing, (my kid borrowed it, and forgot to mention that until I asked) so rather than drive 100 miles to south Miami I purchased a temporary replacement meter,( linked below) figuring it would cost less than the gas on a 200 mile round trip to reacquire my FLUKE multi meter
the surprising thing s it works every bit as well as the fluke multi meter does so far , so I have to give it a thumbs up as at least a decent value
if you can,t smoke the tires at will from a 60mph roll your engine needs more work
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