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Default hobart welder fails?

Originally Posted by Laszlo
Hi, and thanks in advance for any help! Today my welder died. I have no idea what happened and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

First, my welding is mostly confined to thin sheet metal - spot welding and plug welding (and always on the lowest setting). However, today I started building a rotisserie using 2" square stock 1/8th" thick. The welder was on the highest setting for the first time. Everything was going well. I welded a few pieces together while resting between each weld. Then when I let off the trigger, I heard the gas hissing out of the gun. I turned the welder off and it continued to hiss and the welder was buzzing. I unplugged the welder and it stopped. I let it rest for a while and plugged it back in. With the machine off and plugged in, the gas started flowing out of the gun and the welder started buzzing again. Whether the welder is on or off, It just buzzes and hisses gas. The wire won't feed, the fan doesn't run... nothing. Did I fry the welder somehow? Any idea whats going on here?

Thanks for any help!


Theres several dozen brand specific welding forums and welding support forums, if you do a bit of research your sure to find knowledgeable, help from those familiar with the equipment
a bit of time spent on hobart welder forums asking questions might help point to the cause
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