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Talking New Converter

For the last few weeks,I've noticed a tapping coming from the flexplate.
I didn't think much of it since I needed to replace it anyway. After getting it on the lift,I knew I couldn't let this go on much longer.
I saw that the flexplate had a little wobble in it while in gear so I decided to go ahead and replace everything including the converter since I didn't like the 2300-2600 stall.
It seems that one didn't give me the umph I needed with my setup.
Months ago,I reached out to Freak Show Performance for a custom built converter for my cam,rear gears,and vehicle weight setup.
I replaced the flexplate and converter.
This new Freak Show converter is BITCHIN!
I barely lay into it and it's roasting tires and hitting every gear with a snap!
I got to a light and banged it off of a stall at 3200 and this thing flew even though I only gave it 50% throttle.
This should be a beast when I get everything dialed in with the new setup for 2016!
I highly recommend Freak Show Performance! They built several transmissions for some of the guys from Street Outlaws.


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Originally Posted by Poltergeist View Post
If you ain't bangin gears , causin tears you might be better off in a Ford!
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