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Default Thm250c transmission/Torque converter question

I have 84 Elky 305 and 250c trans with 2:41 rear end everything stock with computer still controlling everything. My question is does the vehicle speed sensor control when the torque converter locks up ive hooked up torque converter recently which was unplugged by previous owner, I noticed it unhooked when I was under there reconnecting speedo cable from regreasing it due to a jumpy speedo needle, didnt seem to help at all, the speedometer bounces around 5 mph off true speed, if lock up accurs at 22 mph as soon as going into 2nd gear this is under very light aceleration , is this normal and again it happens at 37mph under steady light acceleration, it sucks because it lugs to get up to speed unless I goose it, is this the nature of the wimpy 250c. I am considering unhooking like previous owner did but I don't know if it will hurt the tranny, it's my daily driver and I know I will loose some gas milege but what I'm feeling behind the wheel when it is hooked up doesnt feel healthy on it either. I would like to replace with Th350 but there no way I could afford right now, with computer still controlling everything could a B & M controller work.

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It won't hurt the trans if the if the TC doesn't lock up. But there must be some kind of issue, I'm GUESSING with the TC, for the symptoms you are describing. Afraid I don't know about using the B&M.
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The only way the B&M unit would be of benefit is if it was adjustable by rpm or mph. I would just leave it unhooked. Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies guys, I really think the torque converter that the computer controls when it locks up is some how related with vehicle speed sensor because like I mentioned in my post I had a bouncy speedometer, well I replaced the entire cable shealth and all, and now it doesn't prematurely lock up, im assuming the vss couldnt read accurately due to the speedo needle bouncing back and forth, I despise all the computer sh**


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