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Default 454 elcamino heater

ive reacently purchased a 1981 elcamino with a454 and no heater it did have air but i understand that the non air box will fit i need to get the car certified and my mechanic says i need defrost im wondering about building a cutom box with an elertric fan and heater ideas would be helpful norm29
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So what do you have right now? A block-off plate?
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the heater is gone completely hole area coverd with a plate
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If your running short valve covers then an A/C box will fit, if tall valve covers most will clear the heat only boxes
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They make you run a heater?
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I dont recall what year it was passed "early 60's i believe" but part of the federal motor safety act " i think this is what it was called" requires all cars and trucks built after that date to have a heated windshield defroster. it was a safety thing like seat belts and brake lights.
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The cheapest way would probably be to get a regular heater box and install that. Otherwise I remember talking to I think John B on here (hope I'm right) that said he got rid of the stock heater box and installed some sort of electric heater in the ducts so he would still have defrost.
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Just when I thought the Mass inspection rules were tough. We can't run flowmasters or E/T Streets but they don't push the heater/defrost issue.
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or you could do what I'm doing and put a heat/ac unit from a FWD car in there, up under the dash. If using the stock dash, you'll lose the glove box inside part. I'm using '03 Grand Am unit in mine, but am also building a custom dash from scratch, so I know it will fit. This way all the repair parts will be available at NAPA etc too. Grab the compressor and condenser while you're in there.

Find someone parting out the FWD car, and can get the heat/ac unit, controls, wiring, connectors, vents, and all for $100, if you take it out.

Some assembly required!

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454 heater

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