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Default Radiator Core Support

I need some opinions on this radiator core support, I'm thinking real seriously about buying it, it's going for $85 at a Wichita KS . Salvage yard supposedly out of an 82 Malibu, but going to be installed in my 84 El Camino I've pointed out some areas of concern that I see but it's hard to tell on my phone, the bracket under the latch assembly is folded up where I believe it's supposed to be straight down, and at the bottom left and right side where the condenser sits looks a little flared out a bit, does anyone see anything else I should be concerned about, the seller claims it's never been wrecked but who really knows Right.. Also can a core support be replaced without pulling radiator and condenser. Thanks in advance.

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you're correct that tab is folded up and it's supposed to be straight down.most likely it got bent outta the way to remove the radiator/condenser easier.if it's been hit/bent it will be pretty obvious in person.look @the inside real well any wrinkles,hammer,torch marks will show.take a rag with you wipe it down sometimes dirt hides damage.take a look you can always pass if you're not comfortable w/it
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