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Default how bout it

anybody think i can get a 295/50/15 tire on the rear of my 84 regal
ill be using a 2000 s10 5 star mag

sorry guys this is the only pic i have of it with the s10 wheels on
and not he hood scoop only got set on it to check it out it dident stay

what do you think for tire size if the above mentioned wont work?

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I think with a 295 you have to notch the framerails. If notching isn't possible a 275 would be a better choice. Ummm unless you want the 295's to stick out. I personally wouldn't want them sticking out though. How wide is that rim? The 295 might be a little wide.
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15x7...only reason i would do that size is i have them on the back of my 72 nova on z28 camaro wheels witch are also 7 inch wide. i was just gonna steal them off of it because that car isent gonna see the road for a couple more years.

but if they wont work with out notching than you think the 275 50 15 would be a better choice? i would like to stay in the wheel well.
but have a FAT look

the tires on it now look like donuts
currently on it are
dont laugh the trans went in my truck and this is what i had laying around so i could get it on the road and get to work
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I run 295/50/15s on a 15X8 Ralley on the rear of the 81 Malibu, Had to roll the outer wheel lip. A 245/60/15 would be nice on a 15X7 rim.

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im getting prices as your guys are suggesting so thank you
i haven't made any decisions yet on what to go with,
maybe i'll have to dig for some pics
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