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Default Aluminum G-body Manual Brake Adapter Plate

The sale is for only the CUSTOM ALUMINUM adapter plate. Weight 2 3/8 oz. Although light weight, it is very rigid. This adapter plate is used to swap from a power brake system to a factory stock manual brake system on GM mid size cars from 1978 to 1988. It is CNC machined from rigid 1/8 thick aluminum with dimensions that covers up the hole in the firewall after you remove the power booster. You will need to replace your stock power master cylinder with a stock manual master cylinder which can be bought at your local auto parts store for around $30 rebuilt. This modification will clean up your firewall by getting rid of the big, bulky power booster. Racers do this swap when their engine does not make enough vacuum to operate the power booster, to shed a few pound to make their car lighter, or to clean up the engine bay. This can also be polished up to a mirror finish if needed.

This will only work for stock manual master cylinders that were made to fit g-body cars from 1978 to 1987 and some 1988 model cars. Manual master cylinder cars came on 1978 , 1979 , and 1980 g-body cars. A g-body manual master cylinder can be retrofitted to any g-body car with this adapter plate. All g-body cars came stock with the same size brakes from 1978 to 1987 and some 1988 models.

Free Shipping to lower 48 states. Will not ship outside this area.

PLEASE make sure this will work for your vehicle before you buy.

PLEASE ask any questions before you buy.

This IS a CNC PLASMA cut peice and therefore the cut lines are not a clean as a laser cut or water jet cut part. It is milled from a 1/8" thick peice of aluminum with dimension simular to the original part. This is not an original part from a vehicle. It is custom CNC machined to original specifications. It can be substituted for the original part.

Price: $24.95 shipped.

David Schultz
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