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Originally Posted by Poltergeist View Post
Thanks bro!! I made a few trips out to Arizona last week on my off days (Tuesday/Wednesday) Man! That was a 20 hour day. My club bros cleared out my parts storage for me and i loaded the bug up and brought parts back to the shop. We decided to just paint the frame, drop the body and bring the Bu back to Cali. We couldnt find a spot to do the frame work so Ill have my dude out here do the frame after he does the SS frame. The goal is to get the SS frame done/coated and make it a roller. Then bring the Bu here and take the SS out to Az to the storage to wait for paint. Then I can focus on mock up, finishing the interior, motor, suspension ect on the Bu. It will be a few months of playing with the bu before I do the frame which is why I wanted to just paint it with some rattle can. I dont want to mock up parts on a rusty looking frame..Im headed backj to Az around 3pm and should arrive there around 7. Then I can start cleaning the frame and paint it right quick. Few pics from my trip last week..

Water pump came together..

Grabbed a heater block off setup until I get all the parts needed for defrost ect..

Caps on

Heat shrink hose clamps

You gotta do the tape serp belt mock up lol

Forgot I had this shifter and a mount made to hold it. Been too long. Ive been going thru all the boxes to what I have for the project...

Cant wait to see the headlights and blacked out bezels in..

Headed out Wednesday afternoon. Ill be there around 7pm and the power to all the outlets in the storage will be on. Then I can setup and start the frame cleanup. Hoping to get it painted and start bolting on all the suspension by Friday. Doesnt have to be perfect as it will all be coming back off once we get it here to the shop..(after mocking up the motor)

Thanks for checking back!!

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