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ok speaker box is out. someone took some serious time installing it. was very well wired etc.

finally had a little time to actually look at the car. so this has an older engine in it, I like that, but I don't like how they just bundled up the connectors that were no longer used and stuffed them in a corner.
if I were to go to a th350 trans with the current engine, would it be easier to strip out the wires and connectors I no longer need or just rewire the entire car with the number of circuits I intend to put in?
I have done neither previously however I have done some wiring work on vehicles and work within the elec field so I know a little bit about it.

any thoughts on competition engineering shocks. looks like they are 3 way adjustable and fairly inexpensive. was think of putting those in as the car definitely needs shocks and I like the adjustability.

next I am going to put just a 6 point cage in the car. would you leave the back seat in the car with it or not. two reasons for asking (aside from weight) no one will ride back there and if I leave one in, it will have to get reupholstered. it is slimy, best way to describe it. the whole interior feels a bit "slimy" LOL

last question for today. headliner. leave it in or take it out. it is in surprisingly good shape.

the end result of this car will hopefully be hot rod / driver/ and some time track car. take it to cruise nights etc.

if the questions sound odd, please remember it has been many years since I had a project car, trying to get my brain back in gear for it.
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