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Originally Posted by Longroof79 View Post
I have a quick question for you, if you don't mind. What do you use to fill holes in the wheel wells?
I don't know how durable body filler would be in that application.
Man, you do a smokin' job on those wells. Nice goodies, too.

Thanks for checking back and the cool words!! I use a two part epoxy. I usually get it from autozone, but harbor freight had some 90 second set epoxy for cheap. I scuff the area (top, inside the holes and bottom of the well) and tape off on top of the wells. Mix the epoxy and try to get all the air bubbles out before pouring into the holes. Let it setup overnight and then peel the tape, mix the filler, clean/ scuff the area and lay the filler over each area. Then I let that dry for a day and block it down. 100 grit, 220 and then 400 and feather the edges smooth. After that I clean the wells with tide soap powder and rustolium wax remover. Let em air dry and the I use rusto "filler primer". Usually 2 cans per well in different colors. I do the first can, let it set up and dry, dry sand it with 400 grit, clean and then the other color filler primer. Let dry and then block sand to 400 dry. Then the last primer is a "sand able primer" from rusto. 1 can per well in grey. I dry sand that to 800, then wet sand to 1500. Clean and spray with rustolium engine block enamel. I do the primers in different colors to alert me if I'm sanding out too much primer. The coat beneath will be exposed and I stop.. Sorry for the long explanation lol. It's "bass ackwards" but it works out sweet. The better way would be to "cut/buff" the wells, but I don't have those tools...

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