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With the rear clean up pretty much done,(just waiting on moeser axles) I turned my attention to my front suspesion cleanup(parts). I degreased and took the parts to work and sandblasted before taking to have the bushings pressed out. Its my thought that clean parts make the guys working on your shiz want to do a better job at installing and handling your parts...

Spohn bushings, steering, super travel upper ball joints and heavy duty lowers

powder Coated and bushings pressed in

SC&c bar. Prob will powder coat it red

new hardware

UMI front sway, aluminum mounts and QA1's

I had all the parts re powder coated and added a "Smoke" effect. They basically took some burning rubber and let the smoke from it set in while the powder coat dried. then Cleared over it. Cool effect.

With the front suspension pretty much done, i started in on the LS1 front brake swap: cleaned up the calipers, powder coated the blazer spindles, Kore 3 z51 pabs, new rotors ect


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