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Default Help!!! Need wiper motor info and pictures!!!

This is my problem----I took out my original column which had the shifter on the column, and put in a rebuilt column with no shifter mechanism--when I did this I changed the wiper mechanism on the column to a non-pulse unit

When we assembled the entire unit back it the car it all worked out and everything plugged in as it was suppose to like factory install. This is my dilemma, my original wiper motor was bad so the custom shop tossed it-----the plug left in the original harness is or a four prong setup--Questions are as follows:

--does anyone have this same 4 prong plug on the back of their pulse wiper motor? (kinda L shaped)

--if I purchase another pulse motor assembly will it work even though the unit on the column is for non-pulse?

Not sure if i am being clear? Any help is truly appreciated...


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