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I did finish a few things and solved a few puzzles to me. I got the crossmember welded up and cut so I'll be finishing this tomorrow or Monday. Engine mounts are finished and painted (I only paint it once I know I'm happy with it) and I'm going to start building my steering rack set up and control arms some time next week.
Sorry I do slack on making posts but I usually don't finish when I start it takes a few days on some stuff for me anyways.

So now I'm saving for wheels and I found some nice ones and coilovers.

In the time between I will be doing less cost affective things like painting the booster, clean up the interior, get the rad cradle on and what not so stay tuned and if you want maybe a faster update you cal follow on Instagram I typically post immediately after it done doing what I've been working on IG: durahoe

Thanks everyone and hope you keep watching!

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