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Originally Posted by mylilboo View Post
What the hell are you talking about, and why on earth would you want to get rid of power brakes for manual brakes??
Converting to manual brakes means removing the vacuum booster and only using the pressure created by just the master cylinder to stop the car. A vacuum boosted, power master boosted, and hydro boosted brake systems multiply the pressure in the system without additional effort from the driver. Most of the time, you would do this conversion if your engine does not create enough vacuum for the vacuum booster to function properly. The manual brake conversion drops about 9 pounds of weight from your car. For tight engine bays, it frees up additional space for headers, turbo, etc.

Some people like the feel of manual brakes over boosted brakes. The better feel comes from the driver having direct control of the modulation of the brakes.

If vacuum boosted system cannot be used, converting to manual brakes is usually the cheapest and cleanest route to functioning brakes.

Unless you need or want manual brakes, a boosted system will be better. There is less effort by the driver and great for a daily driver.
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