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Made the 4 hour trip back out to Arizona to work on the Bu. Moved the frame over to the next storage unit and we cleaned it up a little and sprayed it black. Really wasnt worried about it being "perfect" as the frame will come back out for the re-notch, boxing, bracing and coating. We decided on going with a black coating. Im up in the air if I want it powder coated, or I can use some Eastwood Xtreme chassis black coating. Im thinking that since Im not doing a custom 2 stage color, might as well save a few bucks and just coat it myself. Got the UMI front upper and lower arms in as well as the QA1 coilovers. A good friend gave me a set of 2wd blazer spindles years ago and I had em coated. I was hoping to find a deal on some Belltech 2" drop spindles back then. Would be less stress on th 3" drop coilovers if I did it that way. Hmmm.. If I spray the frame myself, I'll save some cash and can use it for the drop spindles.... Here's some pic. 80zBabiez CC Jerry and the Prez Mel came thru BIIIG TIME for me. I cant thank those guys enough!!!

After I cleaned up the storage and purcheased a few wheel dollies to slide the frame out, the fellas yanked all the 39 year old suspension parts and slid the frame out for me. This was a TOTAL surprise that saved me a ton of time

Frame out in the sun...

After we cleaned the frame a bit with some purple foaming cleaning agent and TSP with some wire brushes, i just wiped it down with acetone, let flash off and then sprayed with VHT rollbar and chassis paint in satin black. That stuff looks amazing! I didnt really care about runs or uneven spots. This spray was just so I could mock up all the new parts on a decent looking frame. I didnt want a ratty lookinh frame with new stuffs mounted on the "mock up". Once the car is back in Cali, its all coming back off after I mock up the LQ4. Then my guy will come thru and weld the stitch seam, box it and brace it. Im currently working on my SS frame in the mean time..

Unboxing and bolting up finally...

Wish these would stay black...

14" rotors, "Z51" PAB, Kore3 "Hybrid" BBK brackets, Kore3 shims, 98-2002 f Body calipers, Kore 3 braided line kit, Speed bleeders on all 4 corners...

Vids on my Flickr page--click link to view... "They see me rollinnnnnn.."

They see me rolinnnnnn by bumpin1ohm, on Flickr

They see me rolinnnnnn by bumpin1ohm, on Flickr

After we got the cleaned up rear end in (built up 7.5), We finished up the rest and rolled the frame out in the sun. The paint is temp and we only concentrated on the areas that could be seen... Still need a thorough cleaning and wire wheel treatment to remove all the scale. I want that frme smooooooooth!

The black rotors look really clean behind the wheel. I gotta find a set that will stay black... Gotta feeling they will be pricey!

Rear shot....My shock relocate brackets I made worked great. They moved the Belltech Nitro's over and out the way of the rear of the caliper with room to spare. Once I get the Bu back to my lil "shop", Im gonna tack em in once postisioned where I want them. Worried they might slip after driving...

Going back in. The bu wasnt super high, so we just took the wheels off and used the casters to slid it back under. Worked like a charm. I got the idea from Hotrod Regal. This is why I try to document everything and how I did it. It really helps peeps that may be doing something simular. It will at least give them an idea that can be added to or piggybacked on to get htier problem solved..

Back in. We used Energy Suspension poly bushings on this project. I almost ordered a set of solid mounts from Trick Chassis cuz I wasnt sure if I had a set. After so many years of collecting parts and stuff, i forget what all I have. I may still get a set og the Tricks tho..

Pulled her out with her heels on for a lil sun. She hasnt been in the sun in over 2 years I think..

Style isnt for everyone, but I love the look..

Once the LQ$ and trans are in, she will be sitting nice. I have a 2" drop spring from OPG out back with a set of airlift 1000 drag bags. After the block is in, Imma let it sit so the springs settle, then see if I like that height or go with a 3" drop spring

Walk around vid. click to view on flickr

#dtoxbu Got her heels on right quick. by bumpin1ohm, on Flickr

It was a VERY productive trip. I put 2000 miles on my lil parts car this past 2 weeks whew! Well worth it. It was nice to finally unbox and get parts on the frame.. I'm back in Cali at the "shop" working on my SS frame now. Just pulled it and power washed it. Time to get him as a roller and then swap cars-SS goes to Az and the Bu comes here..

Fresh off the 78 Bu frame right into the 87 SS frame! We workin!!

Thanks for checking back!!!

__/__/MyChevy is SoSuper!!!__/__/
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