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Poltergeist 05-23-2011 08:41 PM

Informational sites
New links/info will be added as member post it.

SBC reference guide

Bore/stroke/engine size, then block casting numbers, then cyl head casting numbers, then trans
gear ratios.

Learn to count and you got it made!


The ultimate driveshaft info page!

This site also gives you the best info on measuring driveshafts, and setting up your whole driveline, that I've ever seen. Check it out! All you ever wanted to know, and more.


carburetor rebuild parts/chart

Click on "tech info and service manuals" at the top of the page that link opens!


Parts from donor cars that fit G-bodies


'82-'02 S-10 upper and lower A-arms & spindles.
'98-'02 S-10 2W drive ZQ8 front spindles, rotors, & calipers
'82-'92 F-body lower front A-arms....steering stops need to be ground down
'82-'92 F-body lower rear control arms
'82-'92 F-body front sway bar....34 or 36mm bars
'82-'84 F-body aluminum rear drums
'87-'92 F-body aluminum radiator (5.7 auto trans.)....Modine 951
'87-'92 F-body XH steering box for 16" wheels upgrade
'88-'92 F-body serpentine belt setup (SBC)....use F-body alternator, P/S pump, A/C compressor, condensor, and lines
'84 S-10 manual brake drum wheel cylinders....Rabestos WC37644
'90 B-body master cylinder....Wagner 104660....for use with 12" brake conversion
1LE rear trailing arm bushings....10164152....(GM?)


upper control arm bushing....Kit-K6411....cad plated shells with higher durometer rubber....Kit includes 4 bushings

lower control arm bushing....Kit-K6421....cad plated shells with higher durometer rubber....Kit includes 4 bushings

sway bar end links....K8988....cad plated bolts, nuts, sleeves, and washers....with polyurethane bushings

front sway bar bushing kit....thermoplastic....without tabs on mounting clamps....1 required
K6453-1 1/8"
K6455-1 1/4"
K6457-1 5/16"
K6459-1 7/16"

idler arm....K6187T....bolt in heavy duty idler (same as '91-'96 B-body)

lower ball joints....K6145T....heavy duty lower ball joint

outer tie rod ends....ES2033RLT

inner tie rod ends....ES2034RLT

tie rod sleeves....ES2032RLT

center link....DS909

'98-'02 S-10 2W drive ZQ8 Steering box. Its also a fast raito box

nowukno 05-24-2011 07:13 AM


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