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Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 03:08 AM

78 Malibu Build: "The Alibu"
Wassup yall! 80z back at it again with a 78 Mali. Picked it up last year from a club member and quickly began cleaning up parts and stocking up goodies for the build. Few pics of her as she sits. In need of some serious tlc and 80z is ready to handle the job...

She already has a few cosmetic mods done-tucked bumpers, updated front clip and I believe the rear tails are the newer style. Ive already started stacking parts up, cleaning and painting up stuff as I get em. A few parts I have so far are:
Front suspension setup:

Front upper and lower arms have been cleaned up, powder coated and new Spohn bushings, super travel ball joints and lower heavy duty ball joints.All new mounting hardware-nuts and bolts all from Spohn, SC&C front triangular jounce bar setup, Spohn front steering and UMI front swaybar and aluminum swaybar mounts. OPG 1" drop springs and Belltech nitro drop shocks, rebuilt steering box and jeep sfaft setup.

Rear Suspension:

OPG 1" drop springs and Airlift coil spring bags. Belltech nitro drop shocks, Speedway rear upper/lower trailing arm kit, Edelbrock antihop bars and a UMI rear drag bar(Pre order-waiting on shipment)

Rear end setup

Built Posi/373 7.5 rear with Maro SS rear disc swap, LPW rear cover and brace kit, Moser 26 spline axles

Brake setup for the front and rear:

Camaro SS caliper swap with blazer spindles, new hubs, Kore3 big brake kit and z51 PAB setup for 13.39" front rotors(black cross drilled) Rear setup is from a 2002 Camaro (LS1 rear brake swap mod) 12" black rotors, shock relocater brackets fabbed up and Im in the process of making some brackets for the e brake.

Motor will be a "357" rebuild. I have a new hydraulic flat tappet cam/lifter set, 670 CFM Street avenger carb, airgap style intake, new dizzy, fuel pump, Crane 1.5 roller rockers, GM serpentine(fresh powder coat done), new alt, new water pump(GMPP), new 4 core radiator and fan assy and all the needed stuff to get the motor goin.. Trans is a 200r4 that was built by the previous owner but will be torn apart and rebuilt-new 200 deep pan from hughs.

Whew! Nuff talk..Pic time!!!!

UPDATED 4-3-15

Looks like all my pics were lost somehow on flickr. Updating old photos each day each day.

Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 03:10 AM

7.5 posi rear end clean up... Picked it up for dirt cheap and it already had the swap done. Just needed that "EKCO" Warren treatment

Started knocking off a lot of the grime and stuff with a small chisel. Drained the fluid and broke out the wire wheel

Got it pretty clean


Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 03:33 AM

Used some Eastwood "Xtreme Chassis Black" primer here..

I welded up the LPW brace kit and picked up some black drilled 12" rotors-Shout out to big Josh!!! Lowproelco

Fabbed up some shock relocation brackets

Decided to add a lil flare to the brackets...

Lil red to add some detail


Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 04:06 AM

With the rear clean up pretty much done,(just waiting on moeser axles) I turned my attention to my front suspesion cleanup(parts). I degreased and took the parts to work and sandblasted before taking to have the bushings pressed out. Its my thought that clean parts make the guys working on your shiz want to do a better job at installing and handling your parts...
Spohn bushings, steering, super travel upper ball joints and heavy duty lowers

powder Coated and bushings pressed in

SC&c bar. Prob will powder coat it red

new hardware

UMI front sway, aluminum mounts and QA1's

I had all the parts re powder coated and added a "Smoke" effect. They basically took some burning rubber and let the smoke from it set in while the powder coat dried. then Cleared over it. Cool effect.

With the front suspension pretty much done, i started in on the LS1 front brake swap: cleaned up the calipers, powder coated the blazer spindles, Kore 3 z51 pabs, new rotors ect


Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 04:43 AM

cleaned up the front calipers and had the blazer spindles powder coated

After i blasted em.

VHT Primer and caliper paint


kore3 pab's and powder coating the blazer spindles

Waiting on hubs and black x drilled rotors 13.39", turned my attention to the wheel wells (which i passed over to Saint for project Tummy Tuck) Since I wont be using the factory bottles and mounting locations on the wells, i filed down and filled in any holes not needed for a cleaner look (wellz by Warren stylez)

dry sanded to 800 grit. sprayed some sandable primer and wet sanded to 1500 grit

painted em with rusto engine block paint

Sprayed underneath with 3m rubber undercoat

With that done I did some cleanup on my dash out my Monte SS that been moved over to this project...

Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 05:09 AM

Mel snatched me a floor shift steering column from a monte ss. I cleaned it and SEM painted it up. (landau black) Steadfast column cover to be installed soon..

Paint was still wet in these pics. It dried up to a nice oem sheen. Pretty happy with the outcome..

ss dash clean up

radio flip

reinforcing the rear radio section with epoxy to srengthen it up and drill out the mounts for the "flip" cage

adhesion promoter and then paint

this has my SS triple gauge setup from GSI interiors. i have a dual setup with digi gauges (trans temp motor oil temp) for this dash now..The radio flip is a good look

Massaged it for a nice fit. A lot of time went into this. cut chop and rebuilding the bezel/trim piece

Dakota digi panel also:cool2:

I had the dash re wrapped. Its just a $300 wrap but gets the job done. Black with silver double stitch

With some of the goodies installed/mocked up..


Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 05:36 AM

Exhaust setup is a 2.5" system. Long tube headers out to a pypes exhaust X change with remote controlled cutouts...thrush welded mufflers in stainless for a classic muscle car sound. hit the wireless remote and instant open headers... ive ran this setup for over 6 years with no probs. My Elco and Monte SS have it as well...

Still cleaning stuff up the bay

This is just some of the stuff goin on with the lil project. A full engine bay cleanup and frame detail will be happing on my next visit. Thanks for checking Tha "Alibu"

Elco Warren

nowukno 01-20-2013 08:08 AM

:eek: Damn, very nice project/projects nice work ..keep it up..:cool: :woott:

Poltergeist 01-20-2013 08:41 AM

Wow you've been busy! Very :cool2: build!

montecarloss 01-20-2013 08:55 AM

As always looking good!!!:cool:

80ELCAMINOFLAKE 01-20-2013 09:53 AM

HELL YA!!!! Thats what im talking about all the detail and getting it done right!! Keep it going big bro... That bu will be the sick out here in the streets 80z stand up:eek:

oldtinsmith 01-20-2013 10:06 AM

Awesome thread, lov'n it!!


kuruption109 01-20-2013 10:32 AM

Bout time you shred some light on project "alibu" lol

melman109 01-20-2013 11:20 AM

Nothing but goodies in this thread!!! Coming together nicely, looks even better in person. Can't wait to do some more wrenching on her,

Bumpin1ohmSS 01-20-2013 08:34 PM

Thanks fellas!!! All my time and energy is goin into the Bu right now. The Elco willl be finished up next and out for the Elco Thang show in October. The SS is all about paycheck. LOL! It will be a hot minute before he's out. Preciate' all the motivating words. Really pushes me to get her done. The Bu is in Arizona, so Im just cleaning up what parts I have here before she comes home. Up next for her in Az is a rebuilt 350 and then paint.. Stay tuned!!

Elco Warren:cool:

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