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Owner ssaamm77
G Body 1987 Oldsmobile 442
Engine Type 5.7 (350) Carbureted
Vehicle Class
Color Grey
Updated 03-27-2011 05:11 PM
Mileage 130,000 Miles
Price $1,200.00 USD
Purchase Date 07-10-2008
Total Modifications 1
Total Spent $6,000.00 USD ( Modifications Services Premiums )
Total Views 953

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This one was bought cheap cause it was taken apart and in ruins from previous owner. It was too far gone to redo to original so I'll have fun with this one. This one is going to get made into a street version of an old Winston Cup stock car only keep the 442 paint scheme.

ToDo List
X the frame and enclose rails, Drop lower trailing arms, Finish frame with new lines and paint, Convert to 4-speed (I have all parts), Modify rear floor pan for mufflers so pipe can exit infront of rear tires, Lighten and reinstall body, Roll cage, Install the new engine, Make ground effects and spoiler.
there is more but I forget. I have all parts mentioned here and then some...

Modifications - Engine - $6,000.00
Manufacturer Modification Rating Total Spent Updated Installed?

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