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Owner John B
G Body 1982 Chevrolet El Camino
Engine Type 8 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Vehicle Class Pickup truck
Color silver
Updated 06-05-2011 07:16 AM
Mileage 122 Miles
Price $1,000.00 CAD
Purchase Date 04-17-2009
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent ( Modifications Services Premiums )
Total Views 615

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385 Stroker Engine

1969 chev 010 block Bore 4.040 Clearanced for 400 crank
Crank: Eagle forged steel .001 under mains, rods .001 under
Rods: H-beam 5.7
Forged .100 dome CR: 11.62:1@ 64 cc
chrome moly rings
Cam: Cs 305H comp cams
Dual roller timing chain
Melling high volume oil pump
clevite rod and main bearings
Balanced rotating assembly
7 Quart Drag race oil pan center line pickup tube
SFI Balancer
SFI Flex plate
mini starter

Heads: Exhaust: Hooker large tube headers
Dart aluminum 64cc 3 duals out the back
210 intake runners Thrush glass packs
180 cc exhaust runner
2.02 intake valve
1.6 exhaust valve
Comp springs
Comp cams valve retainers
Comp cams valve keepers
Manley valves
+.200 pushrods

Ignition: Carburetor: Edlebrock
GM HEI single wire hi performance Intake: Victor hi-rise single plane
ACCEL super coil port matched and 1 riser
ACCEL Silicon 8mm wires
FR5 ngk plugs

Transmision Differential : 12 bolt 3.73 posi

Chev THM 350
Red eagle clutches
Kolene steels
Manual shift reverse valve body upgraded one-ways
4000 rpm 11.5 stall converter

ToDo List
heck always sumthin

User Posted Date Comments
that interior is clean clean!! Great job man!

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