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Collapse Table Modification
G Body: 1966 Buick GN
Owner: GrandMalibu
Manufacturer: Dominion Sure Seal LTD
Product: DOM 16
Product Rating: 0
Category: Exterior
Purchased From: Purchased Used
Purchase Price: $65.33
Purchase Date: 01-29-2016
Installed By: Self Installed
Installation Price: $0.00
Created: 01-28-2016
Updated: 01-28-2016
Description: I bought a quart of DOM 16 ( same as POR 15) but cheaper and available. I also bought some bolts and a wire wheel for my 4" grinder.
Comments: I started to wire wheel my frame, I couldn't paint because it is to cold in my shop (haven't finished the insulation yet) I looked everywhere for POR 15 , but couldn't find it, I almost resorted to buying it off Ebay for almost 100$ the parts manager said it works just as well, once I actually paint, I will post a review.
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