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12-06-2010, 10:11 AM


first Id point out that a simple spot/TACK welding if done with a typical arc welder leaves a brittle weld in some cases, and welding cast iron to mild steel is difficult, or darn near impossible at times, so braze the connection and that BRAZING the complete joint is the PREFERRED method of locking the pick-up tube to the pump body
next, Id suggest a TIG or MIG weld but brazing is a bit more flexible
adding a brace and brazing it to the pick-up tube and use loc-tite on the bolt threads helps durability
brittle welds cause problems, the oil pump pick-up tends to vibrate at some engine speeds and over time it will weaken the joint if thats not braced or supported with a second support point, welding or brazing a brace and bolting it on the pump body helps, but a brazed connection tends to be a bit more flexible. many guys seat the tube with a hammer and flat screw driver blade against the rib on the pick-up tube shoulder with the result that it caused stress risers and the pick-up fails eventually, even if
fully supported but fully supported
bolt on pick-up designs are less likely to fail

in 40 plus years of building engines IVE NEVER seen a PROPERLY brazed and braced oil pump pick-up come loose, just remember to remove the spring and piston from the pressure regulating bye-pass and let the parts slowly air cool before lubricating and re-assembling the components.

BRAZE ROD MELTS at well OVER 800F and done correctly has a tensile strength of 50,000 PLUS psi when used, on clean metal surfaces




12-07-2010, 08:54 AM
I have the pickup tube retainer on the 350, didn't want to chance it falling out. I had a bone stock 4.3L '91 Sonoma with only ~95,000 miles that dropped its pickup tube in the pan, luckily I was right next to a gas station. I added a couple quarts and just drove it 'til I sold it a year or two later.