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11-04-2012, 09:36 PM
just a reminder to check the rather obvious, I got a call from a friend that was having a great deal of difficulty starting his 1992 corvette that had been in storage for several years,(3-4 he doesn,t remember,) well, he could get the engine to spin,after installing a new battery,and the ignition worked ,his plugs had spark, he could hear the fuel pump run,and the fuel gauge showed he had about 1/4 tank of fuel, but the car would not fire up, I listened to him describe his problem and suggested he drain the old fuel and replace it with a fresh 10 gallons and some fuel system cleaner/injector cleaner and replace the fuel filter and then place a fuel pressure gauge on the injector fuel rail shrader valve and if he was getting good fuel pressure to call me back. well he calls me back and said he replaced the fuel filter and he had fuel pressure on the shrader valve because he took the cap off and depressed the valve and got a few drops of fuel, but he had zero idea as to pressure as he doesn,t have a pressure gauge, and could I please come over and help?
I agreed but told him to buy 10 gallons of fresh fuel, and two different brands of fuel injection cleaner.
well I get there and he wants to show me how it won,t start, I hooked up a pressure gauge on the shrader valve and got a 15 psi reading that dropped to zero in under 2 minutes when he turned on the car, I told him to pour in the first five gallon can of fresh fuel and one can of injector cleaner , into the tank, the fuel gauge never changed, but the engine started, but ran like crap, the gauge on the fuel rail shrader valve shower 35 psi bouncing to 40 psi then down to 30 psi and back up etc.
I told him to shut it down, I checked he was 2-3 quarts low on oil, I had him do an oil and filter change and add the second five gallon can of fresh fuel, then start the engine and let it run for 4-5 minutes while I checked voltages, grounds etc. the result was that his basic issue was he was trying to start the car with 3 year old fuel, the fresh fuel , new fuel filter, oil change, and injector cleaner seemed to cure his problem, as within minute the car was running fairly smoothly,but with the fuel pressure bouncing IM fairly sure the fuel pumps on its way out or the pre filter screen in the tanks fuel pump, is partly, clogged, his main problem was the fact that 3-4 year old fuel was in the car and the gas gauge seems to need repairs, as its not reading correctly and Im reasonably sure the fuel pumps going to need replacing, .