View Full Version : buying an out of area project car

12-09-2011, 06:14 AM
buying an out of area project car, can be a great deal or a total rip-off, obviously theres precautions that should be made,
have you ever purchased an out of state car as a project, I know from experience that finding your dream project car in good condition rather than a rusted pile of junk is rarely easy to do, when your talking about 10-60 year old project cars in many cases. having a good dependable car trailer and understanding that few project cars will be as good as they are represented to be after close inspection is just standard practice, so it helps if you can get as much info and as many pictures as possible before making the trip to pick up a new out of state project car and just as obviously , legal title transfer and not sending a large deposit to an unknown seller or giving him your credit info or back info is smart

READ THE LINKS AND SUB LINKS AS 90% of the related infos there

12-11-2011, 12:08 AM
x2 grump we have 7 g bodys here and made several road trips to RESCUE other elcaminos. good reading thanks